Competition assays with gtgE and gtgE+ complemented strainsa

Strain AStrain BMedian CIbNo. of micecPd
Relevant genotypeNameRelevant genotypeName
ΔgtgE::KmMA7073Wild typeMA60540.1450.0006
ΔgtgE attG1::pNFB9 (vector)MA7164ΔgtgE attG1::pNFB 13(gtgE+)MA71370.1540.001
ΔgtgE attG1::pNFB9 (vector)MA7165ΔgtgE attG1::pNFB 14(gtgE+)MA71560.1040.002
ΔgtgEF sodCI::aphJS222ΔGifsy-2::CmJS2262.190.01
  • a All strains used in these assays were isogenic with the wild type (14028). In the assays in the first three rows from the top, competing strains were screened by plating on medium supplemented with X-Gal and arabinose (see full genotypes in Table 1).

  • b CI was calculated according to the formula in Materials and Methods.

  • c All assays were performed i.p. using BALB/c mice.

  • d Student's t test was used to compare output versus inoculum. NS, not significant.