Quantitation of the HMW2 immunogold localization patterns for triton shells from wild-type and mutant C1R1 M. pneumoniae strainsa

M. pneumoniae strainAntibodyNo. of coresNo. of gold particlesAvg no. of gold particles per core% on core, including on edge% within 52 nm from core% over 52 nm from core
Wild typeN-terminal HMW2 antibody392065.332.964.32.9
C1R1N-terminal HMW2 antibody341654.912.182.45.5
Wild typeC-terminal HMW2 antibody43711.714.183.12.8
C1R1C-terminal HMW2 antibody38711.95.690.14.2
  • a Due to rounding, the sums of the numbers in the last three columns for each row may not equal 100%.