Genotypes and sources of gonococcal strains used in this study

StrainGenotype (reference)Sourcea
FA19Wild typeP. F. Sparling
WV30 mtrR171 FA6140 DNA × FA19
WV31 mtrR171 mtrD::kan mtrD::kan PCR × WV30
WV32 penA4 FA6140 DNA × FA19
WV33 penA4 mtrD::kan mtrD::kan PCR × WV32
WV34 mtrR171 penA4 FA6140 DNA × WV32
WV35 mtrR171 mtrD::kan penA4 mtrD::kan PCR × WV34
WV36 mtrR171 penA4 pen B FA6140 DNA × WV34
WV37 mtrR171 mtrD::kan penA4 penB mtrD::kan PCR × WV36
FA19AB penA penB R. Nicholas
WV38 mtrR171 penA penB FA6140 mtrR PCR × FA19AB
FA140 mtrR140 penA2 penB2 (24)P. F. Sparling
WV24 mtrR140 mtrD::kan penA2 penB2 mtrD::kan PCR × FA140
FA6140 mtrR171 penA4 penB ponA1 P. F. Sparling
WV22 mtrR171 mtrD:: kan penA4 penB ponA1 mtrD:: kan PCR × FA6140
  • a Transformants are shown as donor DNA × recipient strain, produced as described in Materials and Methods. PCR products were gel purified prior to transformation. Gene descriptions: mtrR encodes a transcriptional repressor of MtrCDE expression; mtrD encodes the transporter component of the MtrCDE efflux system; penA is the structural gene for PBP-2; penB is an allele of porB, encoding the gonococcal porin; and ponA is the structural gene for PBP-1.