Plasmids used in this study

PlasmidDescriptionaSource or reference
pMADTemp-sensitive integration vector with blue-white selection; Emr21
pMAD::ΔsaeSsaeS deletion plasmid; EmrThis study
pKOR1Temp-sensitive integration vector with inducible counterselection; Emr22
pKOR1::ΔsarAsarA deletion plasmid; EmrThis study
pALC2073S. aureus complementation plasmid; Cmr23
pALC2073::saeComplementation plasmid containing saeQRS operon; CmrThis study
pALC2073::sarAComplementation plasmid containing sarA; CmrThis study
pAmiluxLuminescence reporter plasmid; Cmr24
pAmilux::PtstTSST-1 promoter reporter plasmid; Cmr18
pET28::saeRProtein expression clone containing full-length SaeR; Kanr25
pMCSG19::saeScProtein expression clone encoding residues 93–351 of SaeS; Ampr25
  • a Emr, erythromycin resistant; Cmr, chloramphenicol resistant; Kanr, kanamycin resistant.