Genes most affected by overexpression of EvgA

Expression level and b no.GeneaGene descriptionbLog2 ratioc
Increased expression
    b0978appCProbable third cytochrome oxidase, subunit I5.
    b0979appBProbable third cytochrome oxidase, subunit II6.57.365.57
    b0980appAPhosphoanhydride phosphorylase, pH 2.5 acid phosphatase, periplasmic4.
    b1330ynaIORF, hypothetical protein2.
    b1492gadCAcid sensitivity protein, putative transporter5.
    b1493gadBGlutamate decarboxylase isozyme8.
    b1499ydeOPutative ARAC-type regulatory protein5.
    b1500ORF, hypothetical protein6.373.66.48.2
    b1501ydePPutative oxidoreductase, major subunit6.
    b1608rstAResponse transcriptional regulatory protein (RstB sensor)
    b1826yobGORF, hypothetical protein2.
    b2083yegZORF, hypothetical protein5.
    b2084ORF, hypothetical protein3.
    b2085yegRORF, hypothetical protein4.85.563.64.2
    b2368emrKMultidrug resistance protein K3.
    b2369evgAPutative positive transcription regulator (sensor EvgS)
    b2371yfdEPutative enzyme4.
    b2372yfdVPutative receptor protein6.
    b2373yfdUPutative enzyme5.
    b2374yfdWPutative enzyme9.
    b2375yfdXORF, hypothetical protein8.28.2105.49
    b3238yhcNORF, hypothetical protein2.
    b3491yhiMORF, hypothetical protein2.
    b3506slpOuter membrane protein induced after carbon starvation5.
    b3507yhiFORF, hypothetical protein4.14.44.825.2
    b3508yhiDPutative transport ATPase47.
    b3509hdeBORF, hypothetical protein8.
    b3510hdeAORF, hypothetical protein6.
    b3511hdeDORF, hypothetical protein4.
    b3512yhiEORF, hypothetical protein7.
    b3513yhiUPutative membrane protein3.
    b3514yhiVPutative transport system permease protein3.
    b3517gadAGlutamate decarboxylase isozyme7.
    b3922yiiSORF, hypothetical protein3.
    b4111proPLow-affinity transport system, proline permease II2.
    b4113basRTranscriptional regulatory protein, member of two-component regulatory system2.
    b4115yjdEPutative amino acid/amine transport protein, cryptic3.455.10.92.5
Decreased expression
    b0553nmpCOuter membrane porin protein; locus of qsr prophage−2.6−5.7−2.3−0.2−2.3
    b2167fruAPTS system, fructose-specific transport protein−2.7−3.8−3.1−1.2−2.7
    b2168fruKFructose-1-phosphate kinase−2.5−3.2−2.6−1.7−2.4
    b2169fruBPTS system, fructose-specific IIA/fpr component−2.5−4−2−2.1−2
    b2943galPGalactose-proton symport of transport system−2.1−1.7−2.8−0.8−3.2
  • a Gene names are taken from

  • b Gene descriptions are taken from the Affymetrix Expression Analysis Sequence Information Database.

  • c Log2 ratio of transcript levels for the EvgA-overexpressing strain to those for the EvgA-lacking strain. ΔevgAS/pUCevgA, expression in ΔevgAS/pUCevgA versus that in ΔevgAS/pUC19; ΔevgAS/pQEevgA, expression in ΔevgAS/pQEevgA in the presence of IPTG versus that in the absence of IPTG; ΔacrBΔevgAS/pUCevgA, expression in ΔacrBΔevgAS/pUCevgA versus that in ΔacrBΔevgAS/pUC19; ΔacrBΔevgAS/pQEevgA, expression in ΔacrBΔevgAS/pQEevgA in the presence of IPTG versus that in the absence of IPTG. A negative value denotes a decrease in transcription in the EvgA-overexpressing strain compared to that in the EvgA-lacking strain.