Numbers of CR and CREE in three neisserial genomes

StrainNo. of CR found by BLAST with matched length of the query (bp):CREE found by FINDPATTERNS with mismatch alloweda:% CR in CREEb
26252423-141312-11All (11-26)012All (0-2)
N. meningitidis Z24913811451810312533183 (2)+59 (1)+28 (7)270 (10)99.4
N. meningitidis MC5837772259411516176 (0)+51 (2)+34 (4)261 (6)100.3
N. gonorrhoeae FA109015313262137625659 (0)+17 (2)+26 (2)102 (4)78.1
  • a Values indicate the number of additional CREE found upon increasing the number of allowed mismatches. The value in parentheses indicates the number of simple CREE contained inside complex CREE.

  • b Calculation based on two and three CR in simple and complex CREE, respectively.