BLAST analysis of 105 bp loci among the three neisserial genomesa

LocusN. meningitidis Z2491N. meningitidis MC58N. gonorrhoeae FA1090
11105iNot 105103iNot 105104i
22105i23105iNot 105105d
33105iNo matchNANot 105105d
55105iNo matchNANot 105105d
66105i20NANot 105105d
77105iNo matchNANo matchNA
88105iNo matchNANot 105105d
99105iNot 105Not 105160i
1010105i3105iNot 10592d
1111105i5105iNot 105105d
1212105i6105iNot 105105d
1313105i7105iNot 105105d
1414105i8105iNot 10531d
1515105i9105iNot 105105d
1616105i11105iNot 105105d
1717105iNot 105174iNot 105176i
1818105iQ?Not 105105d
1919105iNot 105105dNot 105104i
2020105i15Not 105105d
2121105i12NANot matchNA
2222105iNot 105NDNot 105105d
2323105i16Not 105157i
2424105i17105dNot 105Q?
2525105iNot 105155iNot 105105d
2626105iNot 105239dNot 105103i
27Not 105106i1105iNot 105105d
28No match2105iNot 105ND
29Not 105105d4105iNot 105114d
30No matchNA10105iNot 105Q?
31Not 105105d13105iNo matchNA
32Not 105110d14105iNot 105114i
33Not 105Q?18105iNot 105ND
34No matchNA19105iNot 105ND
35Not 105Q?22105iNot 105ND
36Not 105105dNot 105ND1105i
37Not 105NDNot 105ND2105i
38Not 105105dNot 105105d3105i
39Not 105Q?Not 105Q?4105i
40Not 105105dNot 105154i5105i
41No matchNANo matchNA6105i
42No matchNANo matchNA7105i
43Not 105105dNot 105105d8105i
44Not 105105dNot 105189i10105i
45Not 105103iNot 105105d11105i
46Not 105153iNot 105153i12105i
47Not 105NDNot 105ND13105i
48Not 105132iNot 105132i14105i
49No matchNANo matchNA15105i
50No matchNANo matchNA16105i
51Not 105222iNot 105222i17105i
  • a “Locus” refers to each unique 105-bp locus as represented by unique flanking sequence. “105No” reflects each 105 copy in each genome as originally assigned in web Tables 8 to 10. “Not 105” means the sequence match between two or three genomes does not include the 105 bp element. “No match” means there is no significant match (>80% nucleotide identity in over 351 bp). In the “Indel” columns, the “d” and “i” following a number indicate a “deletion” or an “insertion,” respectively. Here “deletion” and “insertion” merely means the presence or absence of a specific length of sequence element. “Q?” means the indel identification was not clear from the sequence alignment. “ND” means the indel identification was not done. NA, not applicable.