General characteristics and genome features of Listeria bacteriophages

BacteriophageVirus familyCapsid diam (nm)Tail length (nm)G+C content (mol %)Genome size (bp)Genome structureaNo. of ORFs predicted/no. with function assignedattB integration siteLifestyleHost serovar group(s)Reference(s)
B054 Myoviridae 6424436.248,172t.r., c.p.80/17 EF-Ts Temperate5, 6 23, 42; this study
B025 Siphoviridae 6325235.142,653 cos 65/17tRNAArg Temperate5, 6 24, 42; this study
PSA Siphoviridae 6118034.837,618 cos 57b/18tRNAArg Temperate4 25, 41
A500 Siphoviridae 6227436.738,867t.r., c.p.64/23tRNALys Temperate4 24, 42,; this study
A118 Siphoviridae 6129836.140,834t.r., c.p.72b/27 comK Temperate1/2 23, 26, 42
A006 Siphoviridae 6228035.538,124t.r., c.p.62/19tRNAArg Temperate1/2 23, 42; this study
P35 Siphoviridae 5811040.835,822t.r., c.p.56/13Virulent (strictly lytic)1/2 18; this study
P40 Siphoviridae 5610839.335,638t.r., c.p.62/12Virulent (strictly lytic)1/2, 4, 5, 6This study
  • a t.r., c.p., terminally redundant, circularly permuted; cos, complementary single-stranded overlapping (cohesive) ends.

  • b Predicted ORFs include those resulting from programmed translational frameshifts.