Induction of phzC1-lacZ expression by extracellular complementation

Adjacent strainaphzC1-lacZ fusion straina,b
MP882.1 (pqsC)MP883.1 (pqsD)MP884.1 (pqsE)MP894.1 (phnA)MP885.2 (pqsR)MP886.1 (pqsH)MP892.1 (lasR)
MPAO1 (wild-type)+++++/−+++++++
MP703 (pqsC)
MP704 (pqsD)+
MP605 (pqsE)+++++/−+++++++
MP710 (phnA)
MP551 (pqsR)+/−
MP562 (pqsH)+++/−+/−+++
MP701 (lasR)+/−+
MP607 (rhlR/I)+/−+++++++++
MP611 (np20)
  • a The gene mutated in each strain is indicated paranthetically

  • b Increased β-galactosidase activity over background levels as measured by X-Gal hydrolysis was assessed visually and ranged from slight (+/−) to extensive (++++).