β-Galactosidase activities in strains carrying chromosomal lacZ reporter fusions to quorum-sensing-controlled genesa

Mutant genephzC1-lacZhcnB-lacZpqsH-lacZphzD2-lacZrhlI-lacZcytC-lacZ
% Activity(SEM)nc% Activity(SEM)n% Activity(SEM)n% Activity(SEM)n% Activity(SEM)n% Activity(SEM)n
pqsC 16(3)343(4)385(4)2117(16)291(5)271(13)2
pqsD 4(0)330(5)282(1)2140(9)284(7)265(10)2
pqsE 3(0)330(3)284(2)2121(11)288(4)4b74(12)2
phnA 14(2)338(3)283(4)2108(20)289(6)275(17)2
pqsR 5(1)8b27(0)5b80(2)5b148(14)4b88(3)5b76(9)3
pqsH 8(2)5b32(1)3NDd128(14)5b84(4)4b72(6)5b
lasR 1(0)37(2)8b9(2)35(1)4b5(0)4b49(4)4b
  • a The chromosomal qsc-gene-lacZ reporter alleles tested are listed at the top of each data column. The gene mutated in each strain is indicated in the far left column. β-Galactosidase activity is shown for each reporter allele as a percentage of the average activity in the wild-type background. 100% β-galactosidase activity represents, for phzC1-lacZ, 813 Miller units; for hcnB-lacZ, 534 units; for pqsH-lacZ, 268 units; for phzD2-lacZ, 77 units; for rlhI-lacZ, 2,000 units; and for cytC-lacZ, 95 units.

  • b Value determined from analysis of duplicate constructed strains.

  • c n, number of independent assays performed.

  • d ND, not done.