Table 1.

Frequencies of architecture types among CZB domain proteinsa

ArchitectureNo. of CZB domain proteins% of CZB domain proteins
Transmembrane chemoreceptor4731
Cytoplasmic chemoreceptor, not TlpD-like21
Transmembrane, other21
No annotated domains1711
  • a Chemoreceptors are defined as proteins containing an MA domain. “Other” refers to proteins that contain annotated domains but lack the MA domain found in chemoreceptors. “TlpD-like” refers to proteins that contain only a CZB domain and an MA domain and lack predicted transmembrane regions. Examples are shown in Fig. 5. Proteins with TlpD-like, transmembrane chemoreceptor, and cytoplasmic chemoreceptor architectures made up 78% of the total CZB domain proteins, other architectures and other transmembrane architectures made up 11% of the CZB proteins; together, these proteins with annotated domains made up 89% of the total CZB proteins.