Plasmids used in this study

PlasmidRelevant characteristicsSource or reference
pKSCloning vectorStratagene
pUC18Cloning vector47
pTrcHisBVector for production of His-tagged fusionInvitrogen
pUC4DEcatcat gene used in H. influenzae cloning Chlorr7
pTSTEapH(3′)I flanked by H. influenzae uptake sequences in pBR322; Ribr34
pBJ100.1HindIII fragment of R2866 chromosome from position 139332 (in HI0123) to bp 5194 of the prophage in pUC18This study
pBJ100.2pBJ100.1 with TSTE located in BamHI site upstream of the prophage attP siteThis study
pBJ102TrcHisB containing a 1.7-kb fragment from the 5′ end of the HP2 prophageThis study
pBJ102.2pPBJ102 containing a 2.0-kb fragment of the 3′ end of the HP2 prophage 3′ to the early fragmentThis study
pBJ102.3apH(3′)I inserted between the two prophage fragments in pBJ102.2This study
pBJ102.4dCAT inserted between the two prophage fragments in pBJ102.1This study
pBJ105pKS containing the HindIII-EcoRI fragment of the HP2 prophage located in the pR transcription frameThis study
pBJ105.2pBJ105 with TSTE located in the NcoI site in damThis study