Bacterial strains used in this work

StrainRelevant characteristicsSource or reference
E. coli DH5αCloning hostGibco BRL
H. influenzae
    RdDerivative of Garf Sd2
    Rd KW20Genome sequence45
    R3153Rd strain for plaquing (BC200)3
    Rd Mc1Minicell producing strain32
    R3152HP1 lysogen6
    R2866HP2 lysogen26
    R539Type a (Pittman 610)ATCC 9006
    R538Type b (Pittman 641)ATCC 9795
    R540Type c (Pittman 624)ATCC 9007
    R541Type d (Pittman 611)ATCC 9008
    R542Type e (Pittman 595)ATCC 8142
    R543Type f (Pittman 644)ATCC 9833
Other Haemophilus sp. strains
H. somnusATCC 43625
    R1966H. parainfluenzaeATCC 33392
    R3358H. aegyptiusATCC 11116
    R1968H. aphrophilusATCC 33389
    R1969H. paraphrophilusATCC 29241
    R1970H. haemolyticusATCC 33390
    R1985H. parahaemolyticusATCC 29237
    R1972H. haemoglobinophilusATCC 19416
    R1973H. segnisATCC 33393
    R1974H. parasuisATCC 19417
    R1976H. equigenitalisATCC 35865
    R1985H. parahaemolyticusATCC 10014
    R1986H. paracuniculusATCC 29986
    R1989H. paragallinarumATCC 29545
    R1990H. aviumATCC 29546
    R1992H. ducreyiATCC 33940
    R1975H. pleuropneumoniaeATCC 27088
Other gram-negative spp.
N. gonorrhoeaeJoan Knapp, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Ga.
P. multocidaATCC 8369
P. aeruginosaATCC 27853
H. influenzae strain constructs
    R3420R2866 with HP2 deleted, RibrThis study
    R3422R2866 with HP2 deleted, CmrThis study
    R3403R3152 with first 5 kb of HP2 (HP1/HP2P)This study
    R3404R2866 with first 5 kb of HP1 (HP2/HP1P)This study
    R3435R2866 with TSTE insertion in HP2 dam, RibrThis study