Levels of modified nucleosides in iscS mutant strains relative to the parent strain as a function of growtha

StrainRelative level
CL100, A600 = 0.50.01NDbND0.6ND
CL100, A600 = 1.00.4NDND0.5ND
CL100, t = 36 h0.7NDND0.20.2
PK4331, A600 = 0.50.01NDND0.5ND
PK4331, t = 43 h0.9NDND0.10.1
PK5930, A600 = 0.50.01NDND0.5ND
PK5930, t = 43 h0.7NDND0.10.1
  • a 2-Thiocytidine is reported as the area ratio to Ψ and normalized to the levels in MC1061, which was invariant with growth. Levels of 6-N-dimethylallyl adenosine (i6A) and 6-N-dimethylallyl-2-methylthioadenosine (ms2i6A) are reported directly as the area ratio to 6-N-threonylcarbamoyl adenosine (t6A). For other abbreviations, see Table 2, footnote a.

  • b ND, none detected.