Prophage status of various L. monocytogenes strains at comK

StrainDescriptionSourceSerotypePCR resulta
PL60/PL61 comKPL14/PL61 attPB
10403SWild typeRabbit pellets1/2a+
DP-L405610403S, phage curedThis work1/2a+
DP-L861SLCC-5764 (Mack)Wild type (overexpresser)1/2a+
DP-L3818WSLC 1118::A118Camembert cheese4b+
DP-L3633EGDeWild type (1960s, human)1/2a+
DP-L3293LO28Wild type (clinical origin)1/2c+
DP-L185F2397Los Angeles, Calif.; Jalisco cheese4b+
DP-L186ScottAMassachusetts outbreak, milk4b+
DP-L188ATTC 19113Denmark, human3+
DP-L1172ClinicalAlfalfa tablets4b+
DP-L1173ClinicalDeceased patient4b+
DP-L1174ClinicalDeceased patient4b+
DP-L38091981 HalifaxPlacenta4b+
DP-L38101981 HalifaxCerebrospinal fluid and brain4b+
DP-L38121981 HalifaxColeslaw4b+
DP-L38131996 HalifaxBlood?+
DP-L38141981 HalifaxCerebrospinal fluid4b+
DP-L38151993 HalifaxCerebrospinal fluid1/2a+
DP-L38161995 HalifaxBlood?+
DP-L38171993 HalifaxCerebrospinal fluid1/2a+
DP-L38621998 MichiganPatient4b+
  • a −, negative PCR result for primer pair noted at top of column; +, positive PCR result for primer pair noted at top of column. The PL60/PL61 primer pair specifically amplify a 417-bp PCR product in nonlysogenic strains and result in no PCR product in lysogenic strains. The PL14/PL61 primer pair specifically amplify a 743-bp PCR product in lysogenic strains and result in no PCR product in nonlysogenic strains.