Strains and plasmids used in this study

StrainGenotype or descriptionReference, source, and/or constructiona
CB15Parent strainATCC 19089
CB15FSynchronizable CB15 strain11
PC3017divJ356::Ω (Spcr)This study
PC3247sokA301 (ctrA allele)52
PC3257pleC376::aacC1 sokA301(Ts)This study
PC9808CB15/pTR100CB15 × pTR100
PC9809divJ::Ω/pTR100PC3017 × pTR100
PC9810divJ::Ω/pdivJ-gfp (complete DivJ ORFd)PC3017 × pMZ2b
PC9811divJ::Ω/pdivJ1-612-gfp (DivJ1-204)PC3017 × pMZ5
PC9812divJ::Ω/pdivJ1-978-gfp (DivJ1-326)PC3017 × pMZ68
PC9813divJ::Ω/pdivJ1-735-gfp (DivJ1-245)PC3017 × pMZ71
PC9814divJ::Ω/pdivJ1-1671-gfp (DivJ1-557)PC3017 × pMZ73
PC9816pleC301::Tn5/pdivJ-gfpPC5225 × pMZ2
PC9817ftsA (divE309)(Ts)/pdivJ-gfpPC3236c × pMZ2
PC9818pleD302::kan pdivJ-gfpPC4695 × pMZ2
PC9819ftsI (divA305)(Ts)/pdivJ-gfpPC7167 (32) × pMZ2
PC9820ftsW (divB306)(Ts)/pdivJ-gfpPC7101 (32) × pMZ2
PC9822parC (divF310)(Ts)/pdivJ-gfpPC8861 (48) × pMZ2
PC9835divJ::Ω/pdivJ1-933-gfp (DivJ1-311)PC3017 × pSAS10b
PC9836divJ::Ω/pdivJ1-864-gfp (DivJ1-288)PC3017 × pSAS11
PC9837divJ::Ω/pdivJ1-813-gfp (DivJ1-271)PC3017 × pSAS12
PC9838divJ::Ω/pdivJ1-771-gfp (DivJ1-257)PC3017 × pSAS13
PC9839pleD301F pdivJ-gfpPC5375 × pMZ2
PC9854divJ::Ω/pdivJΔ811-870-gfp (DivJΔ271-290)PC3017 × pSAS21
PC9857divJ::Ω/pdivJΔ751-810-gfp (DivJΔ251-270)PC3017 × pSAS24
PC9858divJ::Ω/pdivJΔ691-750-gfp (DivJΔ231-250)PC3017 × pSAS25
PC9860divJ::Ω/pdivJΔ631-690-gfp (DivJΔ211-230)PC3017 × pSAS27
PC9861pleC376::aacC1 sokA301/pdivJ-gfpPC3257 × pMZ2
PC9867divJ::Ω/pdivJΔ871-936-gfp (DivJΔ291-312)PC3017 × pSAS31
PC9879divJ::Ω/pdivJΔ811-936-gfp (DivJΔ271-312)PC3017 × pSAS37
PC9880divJ::Ω/pdivJΔ751-936-gfp (DivJΔ251-312)PC3017 × pSAS38
PC9881divJ::Ω/pdivJΔ751-870-gfp (DivJΔ251-290)PC3017 × pSAS39
PC9882divJ::Ω/pdivJΔ586-645-gfp (DivJΔ196-215)PC3017 × pSAS40
  • a All plasmids were moved by conjugation into recipient strains with the E. coli mobilizing strain pRK2013 (33).

  • b The pMZ and pSAS series of plasmids are derivatives of pTR100 (49). The divJ::gfp fusions cloned in these series of plasmids include 115 bp of DNA upstream of the divJ start codon (see Materials and Methods).

  • c Derivative of PC1049 (32).

  • d ORF, open reading frame.