Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidCharacteristic(s) or comment(s)aReference or source
P. aeruginosa strains
    PAO1-LaclacIq+Δ(lacZ)M15+ tetA+ tetR+ATCC 47085
    OP103PAO1-Lac Δsmc::Gm28
    OP105PAO1-Lac lacIq PT7-mksFEB28
    OP107PAO1-Lac Δsmc ΔGmThis study
    OP108PAO1-Lac ΔmksB::GmThis study
    OP109PAO1-Lac ΔmksB::ΔGmThis study
    OP110PAO1-Lac lacIq-PT7-smc GmThis study
    OP111PAO1-Lac lacIq-PT7-smc Gm mksBThis study
    OP112PAO1-Lac ΔmksB Δsmc::GmThis study
    OP113PAO1-Lac ΔmksB Δsmc::ΔGmThis study
    OP114PAO1-Lac lacIq-PT7-smcThis study
    OP115PAO1-Lac lacIq-PT7-PA1526 GmThis study
    OP116smc::smc* ΔGmThis study
    OP117mksB::mksB* GmThis study
    OP130PAO1-Lac ΔsspBThis study
    OP131PAO1-Lac ΔsspB mksB::mksB-DAS4 GmThis study
    OP132PAO1-Lac ΔsspB mksB::mksB-DAS4 ΔGmThis study
    pNPA_SMCAp, pBADN with smc-His8, used for SMC purificationThis study
    pEX_18APAp oriT+ sacB+, gene replacement vector30
    pEXG2Gm, deletion plasmid31
    pEXG2_SspBGm, sspB deletion plasmid31
    pUCP22-SspBAp, PBAD-SspB expression vectorThis study
    pUCP_SMCConstitutive expression of SMC28
  • a lacIq+, lacIq positive.