Amino acid identities and similarities of DS6A gene products to their closest phage relatives

Gene nameGene productProtein length (amino acids)Closest phage relative(s)% identity (amino acids)% similarity (amino acids)
gp11Major capsid348Sparky70, 3082, 44
gp16Major tail223Gaia, Nebkiss56, 5674, 74
gp19Tape measure1,208Varied (most similar to Pine5, Muddy, ArV2)31, 32, 2947, 45, 44
gp30Lysin A486Varied (most similar to Avani)5564
gp31Lysin B345Cluster A, cluster L46, 4558, 57
gp34DNA Pol III β-subunit383ArV13044
gp56Integrase582Varied (most similar to Zapner)4962
gp70MazG174Gaia, Nebkiss60, 6070, 70
gp77Primase265Cluster X, cluster J39, 3953, 54