Relative phosphorylating activities of His-RhaBEc in the presence of various factorsa

Reaction no.His-RhaBEcHis-RhaARhamnoseRhamnuloseATPMean relative activity (%) ± SDb
I+++100.0 ± 29.9
II+++1.18 ± 1.01
III++++30.0 ± 3.7
  • a Each reaction was carried out at 30°C for 30 min in the presence (+) or absence (–) of 10 μg of His-RhaBEc, 1 μg of His-RhaA, 10 mM rhamnose, 10 mM rhamnulose, and 1 mM ATP in a total volume of 500 μl, and then an aliquot of the reaction mixture was taken for quantification of ADP generated as a by-product of phosphorylation as described in Materials and Methods.

  • b The relative activities were based on the mean value of reaction mixture I (mean value ± the standard deviation in two independent experiments). ND, not detected.