Table 1.

L. monocytogenes strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidGenotype and/or relevant feature(s)Reference
    10403SWild-type (serotype 1/2a)5
    NF-L943prfA with G155S mutation in 10403S background (overexpresses PrfA-dependent genes)37
    DP-L107510403S prfA::Tn917-LTV313
    DP-L1935Internal in-frame deletion of plcB in 10403S background39
    DP-L2296Internal in-frame deletion of mpl in 10403S background26
    DP-L2343Deletion of mpl structural gene in 10403S background36
    DP-L559610403S prsA2::Himar147
    DP-L5601Internal in-frame deletion of prsA2 from positions 29 to 291 in 10403S background (ΔprsA2)47
    DP-L5603DP-L5601 carrying pJZ065 integrated at the tRNAArg site47
    DP-L574910403S carrying pBHE57335
    DP-L575010403S expressing PSA bacteriophage holin/lysin and carrying pBHE57335
    DP-L5751DP-L5601 carrying pBHE573This study
    DP-L575510403S carrying pJZ095 integrated at the tRNAArg siteThis study
    EJ-L1210403S ΔinlA4
    HEL-33510403S plcBΔpro46
    HEL-981NF-L943 Mpl-FlagN-cata12
    HEL-1216DP-L2296 prsA2::Himar1This study
    HEL-1230NF-L943 Mpl-FlagN-cat prsA2::Himar1This study
    HEL-1232NF-L943 Mpl-FlagN-cat prsA2::Himar1 carrying pJZ065 integrated at the tRNAArg siteThis study
    HEL-1405HEL-335 prsA2::Himar1This study
    NF-L116610403S with actA-gus-neo-plcB and prfA with the L140F mutation30
    pBHE573Firefly luciferase with the cytomegalovirus promoter35
    pJZ065prsA2 promoter, without prfA box, and open reading frame cloned into pPL247
    pJZ095prsA2 promoter-gus cloned into pPL2 (PPrsA2-gus)This study
    pPL2Site-specific shuttle integration vector22
  • a Mpl-FlagN-cat is an Mpl construct that contains a Flag tag at the N terminus of its catalytic domain.