Table 1.

Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidaGenotype or phenotypeReference
    W3110F IN(rrnD-rrnE)118
    RA1017W3110 ΔexbBD::kan ΔtolQRA29
    RA1045W3110 ΔexbD ΔtolQR5
    KP1344W3110 tonB P14::blaM33
    KP1509W3110 ΔexbD ΔtolQR ΔtonB::kan38
    pKP945TonB(C18G, A150C)38
    pKP660exbB exbD in pBAD2438
    pKP885ExbB ExbD(K97C)Present study
    pKP899ExbB ExbD(F103C)Present study
    pKP905ExbB ExbD(T109C)Present study
    pKP911ExbB ExbD(L115C)Present study
    pKP1049ExbD(D25N, A92C)38
    pKP999exbD in pPro2438
        pKP1001 (L93C)
        pKP1002 (T94C)
        pKP1003 (E95C)
        pKP1004 (G96C)
        pKP1005 (K97C)
        pKP1006 (K98C)
        pKP1007 (D99C)
        pKP1008 (T100C)
        pKP1009 (T101C)
        pKP1010 (I102C)
        pKP1011 (F103C)
        pKP1012 (F104C)
        pKP1013 (R105C)
        pKP1014 (A106C)
        pKP1015 (D107C)
        pKP1016 (K108C)
        pKP1017 (T109C)
        pKP1018 (V110C)
        pKP1019 (D111C)
        pKP1020 (Y112C)
        pKP1021 (E113C)
        pKP1022 (T114C)
        pKP1023 (L115C)
        pKP1024 (M116C)
        pKP1025 (K117C)
        pKP1026 (V118C)
        pKP1027 (M119C)
        pKP1028 (D120C)
        pKP1029 (T121C)
        pKP1217 (D25N, L93C)
        pKP1216 (D25N, T94C)
        pKP1218 (D25N, E95C)
        pKP1219 (D25N, G96C)
        pKP1050 (D25N, K97C)
        pKP1233 (D25N, K98C)
        pKP1203 (D25N, D99C)
        pKP1204 (D25N, T100C)
        pKP1260 (D25N, T101C)
        pKP1189 (D25N, I102C)
        pKP1051 (D25N, F103C)
        pKP1226 (D25N, F104C)
        pKP1227 (D25N, R105C)
        pKP1228 (D25N, A106C)
        pKP1261 (D25N, D107C)
        pKP1270 (D25N, K108C)
        pKP1052 (D25N, T109C)
        pKP1237 (D25N, V110C)
        pKP1262 (D25N, D111C)
        pKP1269 (D25N, Y112C)
        pKP1234 (D25N, E113C)
        pkP1274 (D25N, T114C)
        pKP1053 (D25N, L115C)
        pKP1429 (D25N, M116C)
        pKP1290 (D25N, K117C)
        pKP1291 (D25N, V118C)
        pKP1294 (D25N, M119C)
        pKP1297 (D25N, D120C)
        pKP1082 (D25N, T121C)
  • a The plasmids listed below pKP999 and pKP1064 are derivatives of pKP999 and pKP1064, respectively, unless otherwise noted in Materials and Methods. The ExbD substitutions expressed from each plasmid are listed in parentheses.