Table 2.

Expression levels of genes coding for transporters and/or assimilation pathways of several alternative substrates in the absence and presence of malate and glucose

Strain, fusionbExpression levela
M9SEc+ Glucose+ Malate
BBA0223, PbglP-gfp<5d1631
BBA0359, PsacP-gfp<5d31>90e
BBA0121, PglpF-gfpND1759
BBA0028, PgntR-gfp55560
GM3005, fruA-gfp<5d6086
BBA0118, PfruR-gfp10>90e90
GM3008, ParaE-gfp9<5d16
GM3001, ParaA-gfp<5d820
  • a Expression levels are given as a percentage of the expression in the presence of the suitable inducer. Mean values of results from three independent experiments with standard deviations of <±10% are presented. ND, not determined.

  • b The inducer was d-gluconate for the PgntR-gfp strain, d-fructose for the fruA-gfp and PfruR-gfp strains, glycerol for the PglpF-gfp strain, salicin for the PbglP-gfp strains, sucrose for the PsacP-gfp strain, and l-arabinose for the ParaE-gfp and ParaA-gfp derivative strains.

  • c M9 minimal medium with succinate and glutamate (see Materials and Methods).

  • d Expression level was below 5% or negligible.

  • e Expression level was between 90 and 100% and was not distinguishable from the induced condition with this assay.