Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidDescription and/or genotypeaSource or reference
    Philadelphia-1Isolate from the 1976 Philadelphia outbreak
    JR32Philadelphia-1; Smr, r m+
    ParisOutbreak isolate CIP107629CNR Lyon
    LensOutbreak isolate CIP108286CNR Lyon
    Paris ΔcomECΔcomEC::aptII; KnrThis study
    Paris ΔcomECΔcomEC::aac1; GmrThis study
    Paris ΔrecAΔrecA::aptII; KnrThis study
    Paris Δlpp3026Δlpp3026::aptII; KnrThis study
    Paris Δlpp2764Δlpp2764::aac1; GmrThis study
    pXDC42RSF1010 derivative with promoterless gfp+ (Cmr; ΔmobA)
    pXDC91pXDC42 with comEA driving expression of gfp+
    pX3pXDC42 with two Ω terminators upstream of gfp+ (Cmr; ΔmobA)
    pX3-pilEpX3 with pilE driving expression of gfp+
    pX3-rplUpX3 with rplU driving expression of gfp+
    pX3-rpmBpX3 with rpmB driving expression of gfp+
  • a Gmr, gentamicin resistance; Cmr, chloramphenicol resistance; Smr, streptomycin resistance; Knr, kanamycin resistance.