Table 3.

Effects of dadRAX on regulation of dadA promoter activity

Strain (genotype)Growth conditionaSp act (nmol/min/mg)bFold change
PAO1 (wild type)Glu1001.0
Glu + d-Ala7807.8
Glu + l-Ala1,30013.0
Glu + dl-Ala1,30013.0
PAO5713 (dadR::Gm)Glu41.0
Glu + d-Ala41.0
Glu + l-Ala41.0
PAO5710 (dadA::Tc)Glu6201.0
Glu + d-Ala3,3005.3
Glu + l-Ala3,7106.0
PAO5711 (dadX::Gm)Glu2,8901.0
Glu + d-Ala8000.3
Glu + l-Ala2,6700.9
  • a Cells were grown in minimal medium P with the indicated amino acid supplements.

  • b Specific activities of β-galactosidase expressed from the ɸ(dadA-lacZ) translational fusion plasmid pZY6 (22). Values are the averages of two measurements for each growth condition, with standard errors of less than 5%.