Table 4.

Effects of putative DadR boxes on dadA promoter activity

PlasmidDadR box(es)Growth conditionaSp actb
Glu + Ala0.8
pQA21, 2Glu1.0
Glu + Ala5.0
pQA31, 2, 3Glu0.5
Glu + Ala1.0
pQA41, 2, 3Glu0.4
Glu + Ala1.2
pQA51, 2, 3, 4Glu0.9
Glu + Ala5.1
pQA61, 2, 3, 4Glu1.0
Glu + Ala7.3
  • a The cells were grown in minimal medium in the presence of 10 mM l-glutamate (Glu) with or without 2 mM l-alanine (Ala). The host cell for these plasmids was P. aeruginosa PAO1.

  • b Specific activities of β-galactosidase were determined using whole cells permeabilized with toluene and calculated as OD420/OD600/reaction time. Numbers shown here are relative activities, taking the specific activity of pQA6 in Glu as 1.0.