Table 1

Plasmids used in this study

PlasmidDescriptionSource or reference
pCRPrtNeohmv promoter-hpt fusion plus Neor cassette in pCR2.1Topo; Ampr39
pKJ735pCRPrtNeo with in-frame deletion of mmp1081This study
pKJ751pCRPrtNeo with in-frame deletion of mmp1082This study
pKJ757pCRPrtNeo with in-frame deletion of mmp1083This study
pHW40nif promoter-lacZ fusion plus Purr cassette; AmprJohn Leigh
pKJ903pCRII-TOPO vector with mmp1082This study
pKJ752pHW40 with mmp1081 complementThis study
pKJ952pHW40 with mmp1082 complementThis study
pKJ951pHW40 with mmp1083 complementThis study