Table 3

Fraction of clumping cells in wild-type A. brasilense and its che1 mutant derivatives during growth under flocculation-permissive conditions

StrainFraction of clumping cellsa at:
9–10 hpi17–18 hpi
Sp7 (wild type)0.029 ± 0.0060.078 ± 0.014
AB101 (ΔcheA1)0.069 ± 0.004ND
GA3 (ΔcheB1)0.053 ± 0.018ND
BS104 [Δ(cheB1 cheR1)]
AB102 (ΔcheY1)0.040 ± 0.007ND
AB103 (Δche1)0.028 ± 0.0130.157 ± 0.042
  • a Fraction (mean ± standard deviation) of clumping cells relative to free-swimming cells at the indicated times postinoculation into flocculation medium, calculated from three representative fields of view and at least two independent experiments. ND, not determined; —, no clumping.