Table 1

Strains used in this study

StrainRelevant genotypeReference
PY79Wild type
DML1541Wild type
Derivatives of DML1541
    HiHO114In-frame deletion of floT
    HiHO115In-frame deletion of yuaI
    HIHO111In-frame deletion of yuaF
    FD192yqfA-yfp (Cmr) ΔfloT in-frame deletionThis study
    FD174floT-yfp (Cmr) ΔyuaI in-frame deletionThis study
    FD359yqfA-yfp (Cmr) ΔyuaF in-frame deletionThis study
    FD331ΔyqfA::Tet ΔfloT in-frame deletionThis study
Derivatives of PY79
    AKR08ΔfloT::Spc ΔyqfA::Tet comFA-mCherry (Cmr)This study
    FD313ΔfloT::SpcThis study
    FD256ΔyqfA::TetThis study
    FD296ΔyqfA::Tet ΔfloT::SpcThis study
    FD295floT-yfp (Cmr)This study
    FD133floT-cerulean cfp (Cmr)This study
    FD274yqeZ-yfp (Cmr)This study
    FD350floT-cfp yuaF-yfp (Cmr Tetr)This study
    FD124yuaF-yfp (Cmr)This study
    FD127yuaF-yfp Cm::TetThis study
    FD158floT ΔC-yfp (Cmr)This study
    FD148floT ΔfloT ΔC-yfp (Cmr)This study
    FD328floT ΔfloT ΔC-yfp (Cmr) yqfA::TetThis study
    FD346floT-yfp (Cmr) ΔyqfA::TetThis study
    FD339yqeZ::psG1164 (Cmr)This study
    FD357yqeZ::psG1164 Cm::TetThis study
    FD341yqeZ::psG1164 Cm::Tet floT-cfp (Cmr)This study
    FD312ΔyuaF::SpcThis study
    FD175ΔyuaF::Spc floT-yfp (Cmr)This study
    FD329floT ΔC-yfp (Cmr) yqfA::TetThis study
    FD191yqfA-yfp (Cmr)This study
    FD343yqfA-yfp (Cmr) yqeZ::psG1164 Cm::TetThis study
    FD195yqfA ΔfloT-yfp (Cmr)This study
    FD302yqfA ΔfloT-yfp (Cmr) ΔfloT::SpcThis study