Table 1

Locations and types of newly identified deviations between ATCC700926, ATCC47076, and the MG1655 reference sequencea

CoordinateGenomic region nameTypeMG1655 reference sequencebW3110 reference sequencecATCC 47076/CGSC6300ATCC 700926/CGSC7740CGSC4474 (W3110)
257899crlInsertionGGGIS1 insertionG
1298719oppA-ychEInsertionTTTIS5 insertionIS5 insertionh
  • a All variations were identified from whole-genome sequencing data and confirmed by Sanger sequencing of the specific loci (Genewiz, Inc., South Plainfield, NJ). The mutations are shown in genomic context in Note S1 in the supplemental material. We do not include in this table any differences between MG1655 and W3110 strains in the considered regions except for the variations specifically identified between MG1655 stocks and the corresponding reference sequence. —, gap.

  • b GenBank accession no. U00096.2.

  • c GenBank accession no. AP009048.1.

  • d SNP, single-nucleotide polymorphism.

  • e Also noted in reference 22.

  • f Also noted in reference 5.

  • g Also noted in reference 15.

  • h Differs in orientation from that in MG1655 strains.

  • i Also noted in reference 8.