Table 3

Overview of known or postulated PGAPs in R. eutropha

ProteinMass (kDa)Putative functionaEvidencebTranscriptionc,eRemarksd,eIn vivo interaction(s)eReference(s)
PhaC164.3PHB synthaseExpC (++)Key enzymePhaM10, 28, 40, 42, this study
PhaC265.4PHB synthaseSimilarityFunction unknown; catalytically inactive32, this study
PhaP120.0PhasinExpA (+++)Major phasinOther phasins4, 26, 29, 30, 51, this study
PhaP220.2PhasinSimilarity, expA (+)Minor phasinPhaP4, PhaP5, other phasins30, 35, this study
PhaP319.5PhasinSimilarity, exp(+)Minor phasin, reg?Other phasins, PhaZa130, 35, this study
PhaP420.2PhasinSimilarity, expA (++)Minor phasinPhaP2, other phasins4, 30, 35, this study
PhaP515.7PhasinSimilarity, expA (+)Minor phasinPhaP2-4 PhaM, (PhaR, PhaZa1)30, 31, 35, this study
PhaP622.7PhasinPhas. mot., expA (+)Minor phasinThis study
PhaP716.4PhasinPhas. mot., expA (+)Minor phasinThis study
PhaR21.0RegulatorExpC (++)RegulatorPhaP530
PhaZa147.3iPHB depolymExpA (++)DepolymerasePhaP313, 38, 50
PhaZa244.8iPHB depolymSimilarityA (++)Putative depolymerase4, 52
PhaZa345.2iPHB depolymSimilarityA (+)Putative depolymerase4, 52
PhaZa427.3iPHB depolymSimilarityPutative depolymerase4, 32
PhaZa545.2iPHB depolymSimilarityA (+)Putative depolymerase4, 32
PhaZd1 (PhaZ6)39.2iPHB depolymExpHigh dep activity1, 4, 32
PhaZd2 (PhaZ7)38.4iPHB depolymSimilarityA (+)Putative depolymerase4, 32
PhaZb (PhaY1)74.3Oligomer hydrExpA (+)20
PhaZc (PhaY2)31.6Oligomer hydrExp21
PhaM26.6Phasin+ PHB localizationExpC (++)Binds to DNAPhaC1, PhaP531
  • a iPHB depolym, intracellular PHB depolymerase; hydr, hydrolase.

  • b Exp, experimentally verified function; phas. mot., phasin 2 motif.

  • c C, constitutive expression; A, increased expression under PHB accumulation conditions; −, not detectable; +, low; ++, medium; +++, high.

  • d reg, regulation; dep, depolymerase.

  • e An empty cell indicates that the parameter is not known.