Table 1

Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristicsReference or source
    E. coli
        LMG194Protein expression strainInvitrogen
        S17-1recA endA thi hsdR RP4-2-Tc::Mu::Tn759
        TOP10Cloning strainInvitrogen
    R. sphaeroides
        WS8Wild-type spontaneous Nalr61
        FS3WS8 derivative, ΔfliL3::aadA65
        FS4WS8 derivative, ΔmotB1::Kan65
        LC3WS8 derivative, ΔmotB::ΩSpcLaboratory collection
        SP7WS8 derivative, ΔrpoN2::Kan51
        SP12WS8 derivative, ΔfleT1::aadA50
        SP13WS8 derivative, ΔfleQ1::Kan50
        SP15WS8 derivative, ΔfliA::Kan50
        SP18WS8 derivative, flgC1::Kan49
        VR1WS8 derivative, motF::aadAThis study
        VR2VR1 derivative, ΔmotB::KanThis study
        VR4VR1 derivative, motBsup9This study
        VR5WS8 derivative, RSP_6092::aadAThis study
    pBAD HisCExpression vector of His-tagged proteins, AprInvitrogen
    pBBMCS53Transcriptional uidA fusion vector, Gmr23
    pJQ200mp18Mobilizable suicide vector, Gmr53
    pPIRLVector that encodes tRNAs for rare codons in bacteria, Cmr5
    pMG171Vector used for expression in R. sphaeroides, Kanr28
    pRK415pRK404 derivative, used for expression in R. sphaeroides, Tcr30
    pTZ19RCloning vector, Apr, pUC derivativePharmacia
    pTZ19R SacIpTZ19R derivative without SacI siteLaboratory collection
    pTZ19R PstpTZ19R derivative without PstI siteLaboratory collection
    pBAD His-motFppBAD hisC expressing His6X-MotFp (MotFp, periplasmic domain of MotF)This study
    pBB_0067prompBBMCS53 carrying the upstream region of motFThis study
    pMG_motBpMG171 derivative, expressing wild-type MotB, KanrThis study
    pMG_motB D40ApMG171 derivative expressing MotB D40A, KanrThis study
    pRK_gfp-motFpRK415 derivative expressing the fusion GFP-MotFThis study
    pRK_motB+pRK415 derivative expressing motB+65
    pRK_motBsup1pRK415 derivative expressing motBsup1 motB GCG to GAG (MotB A67E)65
    pRK_motBsup3pRK415 derivative expressing motBsup3 motB GCG to GAG (MotB A56E)65
    pRK_motBsup4pRK415 derivative expressing motBsup4 motB TTC to TTA (MotB F63L)65
    pRK_motBsup5pRK415 derivative expressing motBsup5 motB GCG to GAC (MotB A67D)65
    pRK_motBsup6pRK415 derivative expressing motBsup6 motB GCG to ACG (MotB A67T)65
    pRK_motBsup7pRK415 derivative expressing motBsup7 motB TTC to CTC (MotB F63L)65
    pRK_motBsup8pRK415 derivative expressing motBsup8 motB GCG to GGG (MotB A67G)65
    pRK_motBsup9pRK415 derivative expressing motBsup9 motB TCG to CCG (MotB S62P)This study
    pRK415_motFpRK415 derivative expressing motF from the plasmid promoter lacpThis study
    pRK415_motFinvpRK415 derivative; motF is cloned in the opposite direction of lacpThis study
    pRK_ΔmotF3pRK415 derivative ΔmotF3 expressing MotFΔ29–49This study
    pRK_ΔmotF4pRK415 derivative ΔmotF4 expressing MotFΔ77–98This study
    pRK_motF-gfppRK415 derivative expressing the fusion MotF-GFPThis study
    pTZ19R_motFmotF cloned into pTZ19R SacIThis study