Strains and plasmids used in this study

Plasmid or strainDescriptionSource or reference
    TOP10E. coli cloning strainInvitrogen
    NA1000Synchronizable Caulobacter crescentusLaub Lab
    CPC104NA1000 ΔpopZ (Specr) (CJW2238)23
    CPC165NA1000 ΔcpdR (Tetr)34
    CPC164NA1000 ΔtacA (Tetr)34
    CPC204NA1000 ΔcpdR ΔpopZ (Tetr Specr)This study
    CPC107NA1000 pJS14 -PxylX-popZ (Cmr)This study
    CPC201CPC204 pJS14-PxylX-popZ (Cmr)This study
    CPC313NA1000 pLXM-pdeA (Tetr)29
    CPC314CPC104 pLXM-pdeA (Tetr)This study
    CPC233NA1000 pcpdR-cpdR-yfp (Kanr)15
    CPC234CPC104 pcpdR-cpdR-yfp (Kanr)This study
    CPC235CPC204 pcpdR-cpdR-yfp (Kanr)This study
    CPC118CPC165 pJS14-PxylX-popZ (Cmr)This study
    CPC221NA1000 pLXM-gfp∼ctrA15 (Kanr)This study
    CPC207CPC104 pLXM-gfp∼ctrA15 (Kanr)This study
    pENTR/D-TOPOEntry vector for Gateway cloning (Kanr)Invitrogen
    pJS14-xylX-PopZMedium-copy-no. vector for expression of PopZ (cmR)23
    pLXM-DEST(kan)pMR10-PxylX-M2 destination vector; broad host range, low copy no., xylose inducible, N-terminal M2 tag (Kanr)34
    pcpdR-cpdR-yfpLow-copy-no. plasmid expressing CpdR-YFP from the cpdR promoter (Kanr)15
    pLXM-gfp∼ctrA15pLXM plasmid expressing M2-GFP appended with last 15 residues of CtrA (Kanr)This study