C. trachomatis strains

Strain designationPlasmid; relevant genotype; antibiotic resistanceaReference or source
L2 (WT)pL2+; tmeA+ATCC
L2RifpL2+; tmeA+; RifrThis study
L2RpL2; tmeA+47
L2/pSU-CREpL2+; tmeA+ cre+ mCherry+; SpecrThis study
L2Rif/pCompAIIpL2; tmeA+ gfp+ mCherry; Rifr SpecrThis study
L2 tmeApL2+; tmeA absent, gfp-bla+; Penr15
L2Rif tmeA-lx-gfp-blapL2+; tmeA absent, loxP+ gfp-bla+; Rifr PenrThis study
L2RRif tmeA-lxpL2; tmeA absent, loxP+; RifrThis study
L2Rif tmeA-lxpL2+; tmeA absent, loxP+; RifrThis study
L2Rif/tmeA-lx pCompAIIpL2; tmeA absent, loxP+ gfp+ mCherry+; Rifr SpecrThis study
L2Rif/tmeA-lx pTmeApL2; tmeA+ loxP+ mCherry+; Rifr SpecrThis study
L2 tmeBpL2+; tmeA absent, gfp-bla+; Penr15
  • a pL2+ and pL2 refer to the presence and absence of the endogenous C. trachomatis plasmid, respectively. The coding sequences for Pgp1 to -8 are present on the engineered plasmids pCompAII, pSU-CRE, and pTmeA.