Strain selection and genome characteristicsa

Strain identifierGenBank accession no.Strain nameSourceDate acquired (mo/yr)Genome size (bp)% GC contentN50
PAO1-2017-AQZFW00000000H103 PAO-1 AK957R. Hancock, University of British Columbia02/20006,218,10566.57277,905
PAO1-2017-BQZFX00000000PAO-1J. Burns, University of Washington02/20006,200,12266.5661,263
PAO1-2017-CQZFY00000000PAO-1 (B. Iglewski)E. P. Greenberg, University of Washington10/20006,219,17766.57277,884
PAO1-2017-DQZFZ00000000PAO-1 (B. Holloway)D. Ohman, Virginia Commonwealth University05/20016,229,07466.53151,244
PAO1-2017-EQZGA00000000MPAO-1 (C. Manoil)C. Manoil, University of Washington01/20036,221,77466.57263,062
PAO1-2017-FQZGB00000000PAO-1 VJ. Goldberg, University of Virginia07/20036,219,53266.57160,862
PAO1-2017-GQZGC00000000PAO-1H. Nikaido, University of California, Berkeley08/20036,218,75066.57171,105
PAO1-2017-HQZGD00000000PAO-1A. Prince, Columbia University11/20036,217,97366.57172,630
PAO1-2017-IQZGE00000000MPAO-1 (C. Manoil)C. Manoil, University of Washington08/20086,218,51066.57233,461
ATCC 15692NZ_CP017149.1PAO-1ATCC12/20176,276,43466.50
  • a Each PAO1 subline was given a strain identifier based on the date that it was acquired (earliest to latest). The source represents the collaborator from which the strain was received. The names in parentheses represent the lab from which the strain originated. Strain ATCC 15692 genome data were acquired from GenBank (accession number NZ_CP017149.1). All PAO1-2017 subline accession numbers are associated with BioProject accession number PRJNA490649.