Table 2

Antibiotic sensitivity profiles of Bam complex mutants

StrainZone of inhibition (mm) witha:
Wild type9999.59
bamB::kan mutant10.511.510.516.515
ΔbamC mutant8.58.58.599
ΔbamE mutant9.510999.5
ΔbamC ΔbamE mutant13.512.51116.519
  • a One hundred microliters of overnight culture of the indicated strain was mixed with molten top agar and overlaid onto LB agar plates. Filter discs impregnated with the indicated antibiotics were placed onto the solidified agar. After overnight growth at 37°C, the diameters of the zones of growth inhibition (including the 6-mm disc) were measured and recorded in mm. Bac, bacitracin; Erm, erythromycin; Nov, novobiocin; Rif, rifampin; Vanc, vancomycin. The results shown are from a representative experiment.