Genome characteristics of Aurantimicrobium sp. strains MWH-Mo1 and MWH-Uga1 and related Actinobacteriaa

CharacteristicData forb:
Aurantimicrobium sp. strain MWH-Mo1Aurantimicrobium sp. strain MWH-Uga1Aurantimicrobium minutum (30)R. lacicola MWH-Ta8 (33)Aquiluna rubrum (28)
Genome size (Mbp)1.751.601.621.431.66
GC content (%)54.652.452.151.551.9
Coding density (%)93.7694.9593.1892.6893.37
No. of open reading frames1,7451,6181,5741,3381,613
No. of tRNAs4241423942
No. of rRNA operons11111
  • a All genomes are less than 1.8 Mbp and have moderate GC content and high coding density.

  • b References for genomes sequenced elsewhere are in parentheses.