Strains used to dissect different mechanisms of growth inhibition by acetatea

BW25113Keio collection
BW25113 ΔackAThis study
BW25113 ΔptaThis study
BW25113 Δpta ackAThis study
BW25113 ΔacsThis study
BW25113 Δacs ptaThis study
BW25113 Δacs pta ackAThis study
BW25113 Δacs pta ackA poxBThis study
BW25113 Δacs pta ackA::ackAwtThis study
BW25113 ΔactPKeio collection
BW25113 ΔsatPKeio collection
  • a All strains were derived from the wild-type strain of the Keio collection, BW25113 (39). This strain is called the wild type. All deletions developed for this study were constructed without leaving antibiotic resistance cassettes on the chromosome. Notice that Δpta ackA is an abbreviation for the Δpta ΔackA double mutant (a similar notation is used for the other strains). The Δacs pta ackA::ackAwt strain, restoring the original ackA gene, was used as a control.