Table 5

Summary of P. aeruginosa gene classes and phenotypes regulated by KinB and RpoNa

StrainAlginate activityCarbohydratebPyochelincRelative motilitydRhamnolipidseVirulencef
PAO1Nonmucoid (wt)wtwtMotile (wt)wtVirulent (wt)
kinB strainMucoidNonmotileAvirulent
kinB ΔalgU strainNonmucoidNDMotileNDVirulent
kinB ΔrpoN strainNonmucoidNonmotilewtAvirulent
  • a Up and down arrows indicated up- and downregulation, respectively; wt, the level of PAO1.

  • b High numbers of genes which likely play roles in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism were identified as upregulated in the transcriptome analysis. Expression of these genes was assayed by transcriptome, RT-qPCR, and iTRAQ analyses.

  • c Expression of operons and genes which encode products responsible for synthesizing pyochelin was assayed by transcriptome analysis as well as RT-qPCR. ND, not determined.

  • d Motility was assayed by various methods (Fig. 3A and B).

  • e Rhamnolipid levels were measured (Fig. 4A and B). ND, not determined.

  • f The level of virulence of the respective strain to acute infection leading to mortality of BALB/c mice.