Table 1

Strains used in this study

StrainRelevant genotypeSource, reference, or constructiona
MG1655λ rph-1E. coli Genetic Stock Center no. 7740
JW3832rrnB3 ΔlacZ4787 hsdR514 Δ(araBAD)567 Δ(rhaBAD)568 rph-1dsbA)::kan3
JW5182rrnB3 ΔlacZ4787 hsdR514 Δ(araBAD)567 Δ(rhaBAD)568 rph-1dsbB)::kan3
TIM63MG1655 λatt::(PmgrB-yfp)22
TIM92MG1655 λatt::(PmgrB-yfp) HKatt::(PtetA-cfp)22
TIM100MG1655 ΔphoQ λatt::(PmgrB-yfp) HKatt::(PtetA-cfp)22
TIM148MG1655 λatt::(PphoPQ-yfp cat) HKatt::(PtetA-cfp)22
TIM229MG1655 ΔphoQ λatt::(PphoPQ-yfp cat) HKatt::(PtetA-cfp)22
AML20TIM92 ΔmgrB::FRT18
AML22TIM148 (ΔmgrB)::kan18
AML41TIM92 (ΔdsbA)::kanP1(JW3832) × TIM92
AML42TIM100 (ΔdsbA)::kanP1(JW3832) × TIM100
AML43TIM92 (ΔdsbB)::kanP1(JW5182) × TIM92
AML44TIM100 (ΔdsbB)::kanP1(JW5182) × TIM100
AML45TIM92 (ΔrdoA)::kanP1(JW3831) × TIM92
AML47TIM148 (ΔdsbA)::kanP1(JW3832) × TIM148
AML48TIM229 (ΔdsbA)::kanP1(JW3832) × TIM229
AML53TIM148 ΔmgrB::FRTAML22/pCP20
AML54TIM229 ΔmgrB::FRT18
AML55TIM148 ΔmgrB::FRT (ΔdsbA)::kanP1(JW3832) × AML53
AML56TIM229 ΔmgrB::FRT (ΔdsbA)::kanP1(JW3832) × AML54
AML65TIM92 ΔdsbA::FRTAML41/pCP20
AML92TIM148 (ΔlacY)::aadAP1(EAL181) × TIM148
AML93AML22 (ΔlacY)::aadAP1(EAL181) × AML22
AML95AML55 (ΔlacY)::aadAP1(EAL181) × AML55
EAL181MG1655 (ΔlacY)::aadAE. A. Libby and M. Goulian, unpublished data
  • a P1(AAA) × BBB denotes P1 transduction from strain AAA into strain BBB. AAA/pCP20 denotes removal of kanamycin resistance from strain AAA by expression of FLP recombinase via pCP20 and subsequent curing of the plasmid.