Table 2

Plasmids used in this study

pTrc99alacIq; Ptrc-MCS; Ampr2
pEB52pTrc99a with NcoI site removed by cutting with NcoI, blunting with mung bean nuclease, and religation; AmprE. Batchelor and M. Goulian, unpublished data
pAL8pEB52 Ptrc-mgrB; Ampr18
pAL14pEB52 Ptrc-mgrB(C16A); AmprThis work
pAL15pEB52 Ptrc-mgrB(C28A); AmprThis work
pAL16pEB52 Ptrc-mgrB(C39A); AmprThis work
pAL47pEB52 Ptrc-mgrB(C28A C39A); AmprThis work
pAL52pEB52 Ptrc-mgrB(C16A C28A C39A) [MgrB(3C→A)]; AmprThis work
pAL54pTrc99a Ptrc-6×His-mgrB; AmprThis work
pAL59pTrc99a Ptrc-6×His-mgrB(C16A C28A C39A) [6×HIS-MgrB(3C→A)]; AmprThis work
pCP20ori(Ts), FLP recombinase expression plasmid; Ampr Cmr8
pRL27oriR6K, Tn5-RL27; Kmr17