Table 1

Genes regulated by NsrR

Class and/or function and geneaGene functionRatio of gene expression (nsrR mutant/wt)d
Class I
    nasD(E/F)Nitrite reductase1.014.00.9
Class II
    Cell surface and extracellular function
        sdpA(B/C)b,cSporulation delaying protein1.42.61.5
        yukE(D/C/B/A) yueB(C/D)SPP1 phage receptor, ESAT-
        ylqBcExtracellular protein1.21.81.4
        yqxI(J)cExtracellular protein, skin element1.72.11.7
        yybM(L/K/J)bSimilar to ABC transporter1.21.41.2
        yydF(G/H/I/J)b,cAntimicrobial peptide production and processing1.21.81.7
        sboAb,cSubtilosin A precursor1.41.81.9
        yvcA(B)cMembrane protein1.01.80.8
        yoqMcSPβ prophage2.01.51.7
        sunT (bdbA, yolJ, bdbB)b,cSublancin 168 production and processing1.31.71.4
    Fur regulon
        dhbA(C/E/B/F)cBiosynthesis of siderophore bacillibactin0.84.30.9
        besAcTrilactone hydrolase0.94.00.9
        yclN(O/P/Q)Petrobactin ABC transporter0.92.00.9
        feuA(B/C)ABC transporter for siderophores0.62.50.6
        fhuD(G)Hydroxamate siderophore ABC transporter1.03.80.9
        fbpBRNA chaperone0.93.51.2
        yusVABC transporter for siderophores1.02.80.9
        yxeBHydroxamate siderophore ABC transporter1.02.91.0
        yfmCIron/citrate ABC transporter1.02.60.9
        yfhCPutative NAD(P)H nitroreductase1.02.30.9
        yfiY(Z)ABC transporter for siderophores0.92.20.9
        hmoAHeme monooxygenase1.54.11.2
        sspBcSmall acid-soluble spore protein2.93.03.6
        spoVGcSpore cortex synthesis1.71.61.8
  • a Genes in parentheses, with loci separated by slashes, are those that are regulated in a similar way as the first gene of the operon. NsrR repression of genes in bold was confirmed by assays using transcriptional lacZ fusions.

  • b Genes repressed by Rok.

  • c Genes repressed by AbrB.

  • d Shown are genes repressed ≥1.4-fold by NsrR under at least one of the culture conditions tested. wt, wild type.