Table 4

Suppression of the EutD phenotype by constructed deletion mutations

GenotypeaStrainDoubling time on ethanolamine (h/generation)Relative fitnessb
Wild typeTR100003.11.00
eutD eutLTT267074.10.76
eutD eutKTT267084.70.67
eutD eutQTT267044.00.77
eutD eutSTT267025.40.58
eutD eutPTT267036.50.48
eutD eutGTT267058.50.37
eutD eutJTT267069.50.33
  • a Each mutation listed is an in-frame deletion of the entire coding sequence.

  • b Fitness expressed as the ratio of the wild-type doubling time to that of the mutants; values above 0.5 are considered a significant improvement.