Table 8

Competition assays to measure the effects of mutations in the three sgrS targets on growth with 2DG in minimal MOPS medium with fructose

E. coli strain A genotypeE. coli strain B genotypeWithout 2DGWith 0.5% 2DG
CIaP valuebCIP value
ΔptsG λattB::tetWT1.03 ± 0.15NS0.98 ± 0.008NS
ΔmanXYZ λattB::tetWT0.99 ± 0.06NS2.04 ± 0.120.003
ΔsgrS ΔptsG λattB::tetΔsgrS0.96 ± 0.14NS1.08 ± 0.07NS
ΔsgrS ΔmanXYZ λattB::tetΔsgrS1.02 ± 0.11NS1.90 ± 0.270.04
ΔyigL λattB::tetWT0.97 ± 0.10NS0.92 ± 0.08NS
  • a See Materials and Methods for detailed procedures. The competition index (CI) is calculated as follows: (log10 strain A output/log10 strain B output)/(log10 strain A input/log10 strain B input). The results presented here are the averages ± standard deviations of three independent experiments.

  • b Student's t test was used to compare the output and inoculum. NS, not significant (P ≥ 0.05).