Table 1

Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristic(s)Reference or source
    E. faecalis
        OG1RFWild-type strain, Fusr Rifr p-Cl-Pher32
        OG1RF Tn libraryOG1RF Tn insertion mutants13
        CK111Conjugative donor12
        ΔccpA mutantDeletion of ccpA from OG1RFThis study
        pMSP/ccpA::Tn917 strainccpA::Tn917-containing plasmid pMSP3535-tetThis study
        pMSP-ccpA/ccpA::Tn917 strainccpA::Tn917-containing plasmid pMSP-ccpAThis study
        TX5467OG1RF aceace) deletion mutant6
        CL14JH2-2 ccpA insertion mutant33
    E. coli
        XL1-BlueCloning hostStratagene
        EC1000Host for pCJK4712
    pGEM-T EasyCloning plasmidPromega
    pMSP3535Nisin-inducible expression vector, Emr34
    pMSP3535-tetNisin-inducible expression vectorThis study
    pMSP-ccpApMSP3535-tet carrying a ccpA fragment encoding residues 1–333This study
    pCJK47Plasmid for markerless exchange12
    pMC1Deletion of ccpA allele in pCJK47This study