Table 5

1H NMRa and 13C NMR data for EPS (W50)

Residueδ (ppm)
H-1/C-1H-2/C-2H-3/C-3H-4/C-4H-5/C-5H-6, H-6′/C-6
Unit A5.304.143.953.743.743.91; 3.78
Unit B5.184.083.883.713.813.91; 3.78
Unit C5.134.063.923.863.724.03; 3.80
→2,6) α-Man99.5979.8271.6367.7874.5166.99
Unit D5.104.053.923.823.704.02; 3.80
→2,6) α-Man99.4879.8271.6867.7572.5866.99
Units E and E1c5.084.103.863.693.763.91; 3.78
Unit F5.054.233.983.713.813.91; 3.78
Unit G4.914.003.8–3.93.8–3.93.823.95; 3.75
  • a The coupling constants are not reported, but when measured were in agreement with the expected values.

  • b The positions of substituted carbons are shown in boldface.

  • c The chemical shifts for units E and E1 are given in the same row, as they are identical.