Table 1

Genes similar to mdrM in L. monocytogenes strain 10403S based on protein sequence

L. monocytogenes 10403S gene no.L. monocytogenes EGDe gene identifier no.% identity, % similarity of amino acid sequenceIntracellular inductionaGene name
LMRG_02679.6lmo258845, 65YesmdrT
LMRG_00200.6lmo051935, 60YesmdrA
LMRG_02080.6lmo098125, 46No
LMRG_01853.6lmo284523, 44YesmdrB
LMRG_01880.6lmo281822, 41YesmdrC
LMRG_02296.6lmo087220, 38YesmdrD
LMRG_01872.6lmo282616, 33YesmdrE
  • a Based on microarray analysis (23).