Table 1

Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidGenotypeSource or reference
S. meliloti strains
    Rm1021Wild type (Smr)46
    Rm7017exoD17::Tn5 (Smr Nmr)17
    Rm7031exoA31::Tn5 (Smr Nmr)17
    Rm7210exoY210::Tn5 (Smr Nmr)17
    Rm7210SpexoY210::Tn5-233 (Smr Spr Gmr)This study
    Rm8332exoQ332::Tn5 (Smr Spr)47
    Rm8530expR101 (Smr)48
    Rm8532expR101 exoA31::Tn5 (Smr Spr)48
    MB801exoX::Tn5 (Smr Nmr)M. Barnett
    APL41katA::uidA pAPL10 integrated into Rm1021This study
    APL42katA::uidA pAPL10 integrated into Rm7210This study
    APL43katA::uidA pAPL10 integrated into MB801This study
    pRK607pRK2013Ω::Tn5-233 (Spr Gmr)29
    pRF771Ptrp overexpression vector, pTE3 with extended polylinker (Tcr)49
    pE65nodD3 in pTE3 (Tcr)50
    pMB89syrA in pTE3 (Tcr)51
    pS73syrM in pTE3 (Tcr)32
    pDW33Terminator and polylinker preceding uidA (Apr Hyr)52
    pAPL10PkatA in pDW33This study