Table 1

Strains used in this study

StrainGenotype or descriptionDerivationaReference
ES114Wild-type V. fischeriNA24
KV3246attTn7::PsypA-lacZ Emr (FL + SE-A)NA19
KV3628attTn7::PsypI-lacZ Emr (no SE-I-up)pEAH120This study
KV3629attTn7::PsypI-lacZ Emr (FL + SE-I)pEAH121This study
KV3631attTn7::PsypM-lacZ Emr (no SE-M)pEAH123This study
KV3632attTn7::PsypM-lacZ Emr (FL + SE-M)pEAH124This study
KV3636attTn7::PsypA-lacZ Emr (no SE-A)pEAH128This study
KV4522attTn7::PsypA-lacZ Emr (IG + SE-A)pKV318This study
KV4523attTn7::PsypI-lacZ Emr (IG + SE-I)pKV312This study
KV4524attTn7::PsypM-lacZ Emr (IG + SE-M)pKV316This study
KV4525attTn7::PsypP-lacZ Emr (IG + SE-P)pKV311This study
KV4526attTn7::PsypP-lacZ Emr (FL + SE-P)pKV313This study
KV4527attTn7::PsypP-lacZ Emr (no SE-P)pKV314This study
KV4970ΔSE-ApMSM25This study
KV6716ΔSE-A::SE-ApKV461This study
  • a The plasmids used to derive the strains generated in this study. NA, not applicable.