Table 1

Selected list of genes having >2-fold changes in transcript levels in a transposon insertion PA2449 mutant (PW5126) compared to wild-type P. aeruginosa PAO1 grown in PB

Function and gene name(s)Gene IDaMean fold change ± SDBiological function of product
Phenazine biosynthesis
    phzA1, phzA2PA1899, PA4210−24.3 ± 4.69Biosynthesis of PCA core
    phzB1, phzB2PA1900, PA4211−113 ± 16.8Biosynthesis of PCA core
    phzC1, phzC2PA1901, PA4212−30.7 ± 9.04Biosynthesis of PCA core
    phzD1, phzD2PA1902, PA4213−27.5 ± 4.87Biosynthesis of PCA core
    phzE1, phzE2PA1903, PA4214−45.7 ± 9.59Biosynthesis of PCA core
    phzF1, phzF2PA1904, PA4215−46.8 ± 12.3Biosynthesis of PCA core
    phzG1, phzG2PA1905, PA4216−58.6 ± 7.83Biosynthesis of PCA core
    phzSPA4217−68.9 ± 8.75Monooxygenase
    phzMPA4209−22.7 ± 2.79Methyltransferase
Glycine metabolism
    hcnAPA2193−38.2 ± 5.10HCN synthase
    hcnBPA2194−11.9 ± 4.02HCN synthase
    hcnCPA2195−9.10 ± 2.19HCN synthase
    gcvT2PA2442−12.6 ± 2.34GCSb protein T
    sdaAPA2443−11.7 ± 1.32Serine dehydratase
    glyA2PA2444−54.4 ± 6.04Serine hydroxymethyltransferase
    gcvP2PA2445−37.5 ± 4.58GCS protein P
    gcvH2PA2446−59.3 ± 25.2GCS protein H
    glyA1PA5415−10.4 ± 2.36Serine hydroxymethyltransferase
QS-related genes
    lasAPA1871−9.94 ± 1.45Protease
    lecBPA3361−34.5 ± 7.81Fucose-binding lectin PA-IIL
    rhllPA3476−3.59 ± 1.28C4-HSL synthase
    rhlBPA3478−27.4 ± 3.70Rhamnosyltransferase
    rhlAPA3479−38.4 ± 6.35Rhamnosyltransferase
    lasBPA3724−17.7 ± 2.69Elastase
PA0049−10.3 ± 3.04Hypothetical
    rahUPA0122−29.7 ± 15.5Aegerolysin
    metEPA1927−25.7 ± 2.09Methionine synthase
    mexSPA249112.4 ± 4.20Oxidoreductase
    mexEPA2493139 ± 16.6Efflux membrane fusion protein
    rahUPA2494115 ± 16.5Multidrug efflux transporter
    oprNPA249543.1 ± 8.70Outer membrane protein
PA3568−4.01 ± 0.46Probable acetyl-CoA synthetase
    mmsBPA3569−3.42 ± 0.403-Hydroxyisobutyrate dehydrogenase
    mmsAPA3570−2.86 ± 0.42Methylmalonate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase
  • a ID, GenBank identification.

  • b GCS, glycine cleavage system.