Genes whose expression was changed ≥2-fold in chvI K214T Ptrp-syrA (EC69/pMB89) strains compared to that in wild-type (EC176/pMB90) strains

Gene namebDescription of gene productAvg SLRSD
SMa0840aNodD3, transcriptional regulator−2.490.34
SMb21269ABC transporter, ATP-binding/permease protein−1.130.39
SMb21440Hypothetical protein−2.660.21
SMc00084Hypothetical protein−0.990.14
SMc00404Hypothetical protein−1.120.25
SMc01163Oxidoreductase, essential for growth with scyllo-inositol−1.691.11
SMc01165IolC, sugar kinase, inositol metabolism−2.141.24
SMc01580Hypothetical transmembrane protein−1.560.22
SMc01581Hypothetical transmembrane protein−2.111.25
SMc01855Membrane-bound lytic transglycosylase−1.020.17
SMc02317Hypothetical signal peptide protein−0.960.12
SMc03005Conserved hypothetical protein, required for motility−1.280.17
SMc03021FliM, flagellar motor switch transmembrane protein−1.070.15
SMc03022MotA, chemotaxis/motility protein A−0.990.25
SMc03023Conserved hypothetical protein−1.010.14
SMc03030FlgG, flagellar basal-body rod protein−1.090.14
SMc03033MotE, chaperone for MotC folding and stability−1.190.14
SMc03050FlaF, flagellin synthesis regulator−1.040.07
SMc03071Hypothetical protein−1.200.18
SMa0835Hypothetical 10.5-kDa Orf3.380.35
SMa0838SyrA, periplasmic protein involved in EPS-I production5.570.14
SMa2297Hypothetical protein1.680.13
SMb20838Secreted calcium-binding protein1.370.17
SMc00065FeuN, modulator of FeuPQ two-component system1.070.21
SMc00092CysH, phosphoadenosine phosphosulfate (PAPS) reductase1.120.38
SMc00141Hypothetical protein1.640.21
SMc00198Hypothetical protein2.010.26
SMc00252Hypothetical signal peptide protein1.280.27
SMc00712Conserved hypothetical transmembrane protein1.270.26
SMc00809Hypothetical signal peptide protein1.400.39
SMc01016Hypothetical protein1.460.14
SMc01216Hypothetical protein1.500.35
SMc01557Hypothetical signal peptide protein1.260.30
SMc01586Hypothetical transmembrane protein1.490.17
SMc02171FrcB, fructose ABC transporter, periplasmic binding protein2.211.31
SMc02388Hypothetical transmembrane protein1.460.16
SMc02389Hypothetical transmembrane protein1.840.50
SMc02669rRNA 5S1.520.20
SMc03900NdvA, cyclic beta-1,2-glucan ABC transporter1.030.29
SMc04336Hypothetical transmembrane protein2.030.44
SMc04434RpmH, 50S ribosomal protein L340.960.43
  • a Decrease in nodD3 expression may be due to deletion of 404 bp of the C-terminal end of the nodD3 ORF on the syrA plasmids (26), resulting in a truncated nodD3 mRNA being transcribed from Ptrp on pMB90.

  • b Genes with names in bold belong to the FeuPQ regulon (77). Genes with names in italics belong to the motility and chemotaxis regulon.